Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Mystery Photo

I can't figure out what is going on in this photo.
Ollie Johnston and Milt Kahl are looking into a mirror during production of Lady and the Tramp.
Ollie is presenting a pretty bad illustration featuring Alice in Wonderland. What on earth is going on?
This photo is a mystery to me, but any pic featuring Disney's masters of animation is worth looking at.


  1. In the days before graphics softwares, wasn't it mandatory for anybody making a life at drawing to have a mirror at hand for figuring out if something was wrong with a draft?

    1. Semi-relevant:

    2. Semi-relevant, but entirely funny! :D

  2. perhaps Ollie is Taunting Milt with the impending publicity artwork?

  3. maybe somebody's kid drew it or something. Is that the desk you now have?
    By the way, thanks so much for the lecture on saturday, see you at the next one!

  4. So mysterious, I love it!

    Peg holes are on the right, so it probably wasn't drawn on a lightbox

    It has tape on it, so it was attached somewhere, like if it was present.
    And the fact it's drawn on animation paper, yeah, somebodys child... most probably.

  5. Hello Andreas,

    This image definitely raises some questions :)

    What I find interesting is the text at the top that reads "The Tramp", along with the production number. To me, it looks like that text was added to the original photo long after the image was taken. Considering how dark the text is (no grain or lens irregularities) and the style of font—it all looks pretty contemporary. This makes me think the text was added rather recently.

    Another thing worth noting is that each drawing of the Tramp appears to have some sort of weird edge around it. It's almost as if those drawings were taken from another sheet and then digitally placed on the sheet Milt is holding.

    My point in saying all this is perhaps the original photo had Milt holding a different sheet? Maybe something that had to do with Alice in Wonderland? If I had to guess, someone along the way has digitally manipulated the original photo to perhaps stir up some mystery... Just my guess, no factual basis.

    Anyway, the image is great no matter the case. Two legendary animators working together is always an awesome sight to see. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your amazing blog.
    -Bryan Godoy

  6. Ollie is simply trying to push Alice through the window.