Monday, December 1, 2014

New Lectures with Virtual Animators

I am about to  start off a series of animation online lectures with my buddies at Virtual animators this coming Saturday, December 6, at 11 am US Pacific time. The last lecture was a lot of fun, I really loved interacting live with everybody.
This lecture's topic will be ANIMALS. Cartoony, realistic, anthropomorphic etc. I will again draw live and answer your questions. A lot of fun stuff to cover, and I'm looking forward to it.
Here is the link to sign up, in case you are interested:

More lectures to come in the new year, twice a month, every other Saturday. I'd love to hear what kind of topics would be most useful and interesting to you.


  1. Thanks for doing these! I will hopefully be at all of them.
    I'd like to see you really get into the guts of scenes in extreme detail. Maybe using your own work as examples, go through all your drawings and explain what you were doing with each one.
    I saw an interview with James Baxter and he was talking about how he developed the horses for 'Spirit', and I've seen a lot of stuff for Bambi where the animators went through a similar process. So I'd like to see your version of that too, in terms of studying and developing animals to different levels of caricature, although it looks like that's what you're doing this week anyway.
    But to be honest, I would probably pay to watch you talk about anything.
    Thanks again!

  2. Basically I mean that I would rather see you focus on very specific subjects or scenes, rather than trying to cover the entire medium in broad strokes

  3. I also will pay for everything you wish to share with us from your unique experience! I feel very honoured that you take the time to explain us certain issues, Animals are very important, this is a good start!

    But if I can add to the things that Marc above said, it would be great to deal certain aspects about animation in the future classes. Marc was right in requesting specific subjects or scenes, but in animation I would be very interested in tips and solutions that can make a scene stronger, better, more obvious. This could cover the issues and tips regarding drawing the rough keys, timing, and maybe, if there is time, also inbetweens, and some character animation...... if it is OK for you and the others.
    Thank you so much!

  4. Great to learn a little bit more from you again next saturday :)

  5. I am so happy you are doing this again Andreas. I missed your previous lecture because of it being sold out. I'm not sure I can make it to this lecture though. But I do have a request regarding your blog. If there is a possible chance, do you think you can show character development from the Disney Princesses?
    Hopefully I can make it to a seminar you are doing within the next year.

  6. That is what we have been expecting from all living legend...The world is so small now in this internet age.We can easily get high information or talk no matter where i am live what was so impossible even 15 years ago....glad that you made it and hope you will sharing your deep
    knowledge of animation among us....greeting from Bangladesh!!!!!

  7. Is it possible to watch your lectures at a later date? Thinking it would be amazing for my daughter to study with you over the summer! She is too busy to dig in right now.

  8. Andreas, thanks for the great lecture. I really enjoyed it and appreciate you taking the time to do this sort of thing.

    Also, I doubt I need to tell you this but: