Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sir Giles

I've always loved Sir Giles as a personality from the 1941 film The Reluctant Dragon.
Skinny characters like him or Ichabod Crane have this wonderful gangly, lanky quality in their movements. When I look at the strong simplicity of Sir Giles' design, I think he would be a great character for any young animator to experiment with. His head is made up of two main masses, the cranium, and the very flexible mouth/jaw configuration. Squash and Stretch galore!

Fred Moore did some of his key scenes. I have no idea why somebody colored this rough key drawing...but it sure looks pretty! Joe Grant worked on the story for this short, and these drawings kind of resemble him.

Some of these sketches, if not all of them were offered at Howard Lowery's auctions, and I wished I had bid on them. They are stunning!! Long live Fred Moore!


  1. hi Andreas, I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!
    I sent you an email on March 22nd regarding taking the rough inbetweener test. I'm not sure if I had your most current email address, if you received it okay. If not, could you please send me an email at so I can resend it? It would be absolutely amazing to work with you again, a true honor! =0)
    ~ Cyndy Bohonovsky

  2. Hi Andreas, thanks for sharing these beautiful Fred Moore drawings.He also animated the boy's father in the early part of the picture.I have several of his extremes from these early scenes,they are beautifully drawn full of life and movement.

  3. I love the timing chart on that first drawing!!

  4. That's funny you should say this is a good character for a young animator to experiment with. I thought the same thing and did just that! Check it out: