Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nobertine Bresslern-Roth

Nobertine Bresslern-Roth was an extremely gifted Austrian painter and graphic artist. She lived from 1891 until 1978. She was an expert in depicting animals either in portraits or in dramatic situations like the one above. I can't believe I just recently found out about her astonishing work. Her main medium was the linocut, but she was also comfortable with oil and watercolor.
In 1928 she traveled to North Africa, a trip that stimulated her talent as an animal artist.
What can I say...only superlatives are in order to describe her work justly. Her knowledge of anatomy, her compositions, her color...everything is top notch! What an inspiration!!!

I believe these images which show a considerable amount of rendering represent her earlier work.


  1. Thank you for introducing us to so many fantastic artists.

  2. These are such incredible images from an artist I was hitherto totally unfamiliar with! Thank you so much for introducing me and all your other followers to her work , and thank you for your great Blog which we all love very much! I welcome email from other Disney animation buffs to my email

  3. I planned to make a post about her work but you were quicker than me. And you found more pictures than I did.

  4. Hi , I have just become the proud owner of one of this wonderful artists Linocuts . It is the one at the top of this blog ( Black Jaguar with Deer ).
    It is just beautiful ! Can anyone tell me about the process she used and how many copies she made of each work .
    Regards John

  5. Ich finde das vorletzte Bild so unglaublich! 👍😊Jede Pose der Hunde ein Genuss! :)
    Danke fürs Teilen! :)