Saturday, June 20, 2015

Menagerie Exhibit

In 2010 an exhibition about animal art opened at the Forest Lawn Museum in LA. I was a part of an eclectic group of artists who were asked to contribute to the show. Any medium was represented, drawing, painting and sculpture. The above illustration which was featured on the invitation is by artist William Stout.
I had two pieces in the exhibit, a wire sculpture of a toad, and a large watercolor of a lioness hunting a zebra.

The wildlife piece can be viewed here:

Look who stopped by the show's opening! Tyrus Wong, who also showcased a piece of art. It was a beautiful vis dev piece from Bambi. Unfortunately I don't have an image of it to show here. 

Today Tyrus is 104 and going strong. He is such an inspiration to me because he is constantly adapting to new challenges. After working at Disney on Bambi, he left the studio and produced stunning concept art for live action movies.
What a thrill to be included in an exhibit that featured art from this Disney Legend!!

Photos with Tyrus by Carla Fallberg. 


  1. wonderful to re-visit this exhibition via your post here with photos etc. BTW, the cover art for the booklet above was from William Stout's oil on canvas titled "Everybody is a Critic." The original was also in the show, and can be view in this link to Glendale News Press article,0,5993735.photogallery

    1. Thanks so much for the correction! Can't believe I got it wrong.

  2. Your wire sculptures are amazing!!!! And Tyrus Wongat 104!! I still have a birthday card he wrote me! He looks wonderful!! Thanks for posting :)

  3. Tyrus Wong is the essence of life! He is the one and only!