Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Busch, The Brothers Zemganno

I don't know when exactly this book was published, a date wasn't included in it.
My guess would be mid 1960s. It doesn't matter, the illustrations depicting scenes from the circus world are stunning. Beautifully rendered layouts and rich characters, always staged in the most effective way. What a standard for draughtsmanship!

By the way, check this out...what do you know??



  1. Congratulations on becoming a Disney Legend!!!!!

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  3. Andreas - Congratulations on becoming a Disney Legend!

  4. Hey Andreas, congratulations on becoming a Disney Legend! I can't believe you will have your hands printed and a plaque at the studio for posterity, it is so incredible. Well done!

  5. Congratulation Andreas. I already thought of you as a Disney Legend, but now it's official. Cheers, mate!

  6. Those high-perspective drawings are incredible, it'd take me all day and multiple sheets to plan the perspective like that! Reminds me of Kim Jung Gi's extreme freehand perspective.
    Congratulations on the Disney Legend award, you certainly contributed a lot to Disney animation

  7. Beautiful drawings, love the one looking down towards the three men in the bar/room but more importantly..........GLUCKWUNSCHE!!!!! :)
    Well deserved! All the best!

  8. It's about time. I don't know what took Disney so long. Congratulations Andreas. It's an honor much deserved.

  9. Have just read your post about the Disney Legend. Many congratulations Andreas. I thought you were already a Legend!

  10. Congratulations, you have some excellent company with you ..Mr Earle, Mr Elfman , and Mr Lucas , three of my favorites.

  11. Thank you everybody for your kind comments, much appreciated!

  12. Hi Andreas, what is the name of the artist? I found some named BUSCH, but I don't know which one and I really like the composition!!!

    And congrats on the award, it surely was about time.


    1. The artist is Wilhelm M. Busch. You can find more posts by searching his name on my blog search, top left corner.