Thursday, September 10, 2015

More Liu Jiyou

These stunning paintings appear in a book on Chinese painters, which I recently purchased.
Beautiful brushwork and gorgeous watercolor textures. Liu Jiyou studied Western painting and incorporated its realism into his own work. His art is bold and delicate at the same time.
How about an animated film in this style? Now that would be something!!

More on Liu Jiyou's art here in these previous posts:


  1. My God! These drawings are just amazing. I don't remember seeing drawings like these in a long time. I can't stop looking at them and now I am inspired to draw. I will study these and try to lear from them.
    Thanks for letting us all know about this artist, Andreas.

    1. I think he is one of the all time best animal artists. Be sure you also check out Swiss artist Fritz Hug on my blog, Sandro.

  2. "The Tale of Princess Kaguya" had a similar brush/watercolor look to these drawings, although a lot more stylized. That film as well as these drawings are both gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, Andreas.

  3. Hello Mr Deja,
    thanks a lot for your astonish blog.
    Here is some animated film in chinese painting, by TeWei (Shanghai Animation Studio): (chinese Bamby!)
    Alain Crousse

  4. When we were going to do The Chinese Lovers Concerto in this style. John Lee's father taught this style of painting. I was so disappointed when they decided not to go forward with this for Fantasia 3.