Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pinocchio Premiere

It is a mystery to me why Disney's Pinocchio wasn't as big of a box office hit (in its first release), if not bigger, than Snow White had been. The film deserved that. So it wasn't a romantic love story, but just like its preceding feature film, there is so much depth, darkness as well as happiness in Pinocchio. Every single character is interesting, and there are sequences even Hitchcock couldn't have imagined. Luckily time has been very kind to this cinematic masterpiece, and today it ranks as one of the greatest films of all time.
Pinocchio premiered at the Center Theatre in New York on February 7, 1940.

The theater's lobby showcased a full scale exhibition on the making of the film.

A magazine article which focuses on the movie's voice talents.

A gorgeous background painting from the film's opening sequence. I don't know if this is a study or the final BG, but watercolor application and lighting are astonishing.

Look who seems to be lost in the crowd at Pinocchio's premiere in the lobby of the Center Theatre!


  1. It seems to be the actual BG, although this was origionally a panning BG, with the door under which Jiminy enters being to the right. Perhaps the BG has been cut in half to provide two framed cel set-ups.

  2. I suppose It wasn't a hit because world war 2 just had been declared ?

  3. Great photo - it's very cool seeing Milt so young

  4. http://animationresources.org/pics/archivekahlpinokepic-big.jpg