Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bernard Garbutt Bird Sketches

Disney animal expert Bernard Garbutt has a sensational sense for observation. There isn't a creature he couldn't draw well. Here are pages from his sketchbook showing a variety of birds, sketched at a country fair in the early 1940s. This stuff is soo good!

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  1. These are all fantastic, but my absolute favorite is the second bird in the sixth image. Not only did he capture the graceful neck, the subtle head tilt, and the differences in feather textures, but what really drew me to the pose was the bent toe on its left foot. The fact that he paid attention to such tiny details in a quick gesture sketch makes the drawing feel that much more alive. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's a small world, I googled M. Meheut and got your very fine blog. Thank you. I live on Hazel st. in Glendale a stones throw from Disney on Flower and Grand Central. I see everyone going to work daily. Thanks again.

  3. http://www.blueheronblast.com/2016/06/bernard-garbutt.html

  4. http://www.blueheronblast.com/2016/06/bernard-garbutt.html