Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sleeping Beauty Eye Candy

A few glorious stills (though not in widescreen) from Disney's classic Sleeping Beauty.
The film was a gutsy experiment in art direction, it disappointed at the box office when first released in 1959, but is now considered to be one of the most beautiful animated films ever made.

An article from McCall's magazine to promote the release of the film.


  1. Dear Mr.Deja (and fellow readers),

    You know... I've always been curious: in the article, the image of Aurora sleeping (which is in the movie) right by the title... is that a painting? What medium? Any idea who painted it?

  2. Such beautiful works of art! Eyvind Earle was an amazing artist, not just a background painter. The forest is mind boggling, such detail and mastery of a controlled color palette.
    Another great and inspiring post! I'm going to go dust off my gouache paints.

  3. Dear Andreas ,
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  4. I was just sharing the art of Eyvind Earl's art with a friend, and was just about to use the term "eye candy". Talk about Deja Vu! I think the beauty lies in part by combining the geometric shapes that are found only within places man harnesses in nature and the resulting structural lines of architecture, roads, etc...., the things that order our lives. This is then combined with the random and organic aspects of nature that put our minds at ease from the stresses of civilization. The random patterns of nature are not easily followed, and the mind defaults to abstract or meditative thought. It's as if we sometimes long for someone to organize nature apart from civilization, a play on the forces of nature and intention of the human will. Can someone explain to me what I just said...

  5. I've always been a great lover of this film. It may've disappointed at the box office, but it never disappoints me!

  6. Hello Mr Deja, I do not know if you are working on something special at the moment and I would not want to be boring. but why do not you help Don Bluth and all these people who want to give a chance for the traditional animation?

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