Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sarah Tumbling

Here are a few first pass rough animation key drawings from a scene in which Sarah looses her balance before falling to the ground. Adult Mushka has just leaped across the screen, right on front of her.
The scene takes place during summer, Sarah is bare feet and wearing a loose t-shirt and rolled up jeans.


  1. Would you say you worked this scene straight ahead? How much did you go back and add a key here and there? How much at this state of the scene would you change and alter it? Just trying to get an idea of your work flow and thought process. Thanks for sharing this scene and as always looking forward to more!

  2. thank you for sharing them!

  3. Andreas,
    I have been trying to write you at your lycos email and your phone I was given is disconnected. This is about and appearance and book signing at Cinetopia. Thanks for checking your spam folder to see if it is there.


  4. Hey Andreas, how are you?
    It's me, and I just wanna say thanks for the scene that you shared. What I love most about it is that your roughs are done with the same sincere pizazz that Frank and Ollie'd shown in their best Disney films, but better!
    It looks like that you worked the whole thing more straight ahead than pose-to-pose.


  5. I miss our meeting!!! I loved to meet you Master!!!

  6. It reminds me on a scene in the disney rescuers movie when more people sit on a bench and a fat guy sits between them, a girl falls down:
    But I do not know why?