Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sullivant 13

It's been a while since I posted any T.S. Sullivant art. With the hope that I am not including any repeats, here are a few more samples of his always awe-inspiring work.


  1. Beautiful work.
    I can see similarities to some other popular artists that obviously were inspired by T.S. Sullivant. The two that come immediately to mind are Frank Frazetta (in particular where Sullivant's lines disappear as they 'meld' with other objects - similar to Frazetta's blending of shapes into shadows) and perhaps more obviously Chris Sanders.

  2. While I'd be hard pressed to prove it, I meant to also suggest the influence of T.S. Sullivant on Japanese animator and artist Noboru Okamoto (aka Shirato Sanpei) . A hint of his early cartoony work with that one big toe on his characters and then his latter considerably more grim work and 'realistic' work concentrating on a propensity for line work.

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