Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jungle Monkeys

A number of animators drew scenes with King Louie's monkey gang for The Jungle Book.
Those crowd shots are a lot of work, since each monkey's movements need to work as a single character as well as within a group.
I am not sure who is responsible for these action studies on a model sheet, but I sure like the life in them and the attitudes. (I don't think it is Ken Anderson's work.)

The final designs were set by -you guesses it- Milt Kahl. Again, his superb sense for simplifying complex anatomy is evident in every pose. But there is personality coming through as well.
These mischievous monkeys can be trouble.


  1. Even though the vultures have kind a Beatles look to them, these monkeys have a Beatles look to them too because of their hairstyle (Not the Cockney accents. I mean after all, it was the 1960's.

  2. would these characters have been animated by non-directing animators?

    1. Thanks.
      Great drawings, whoever did them! Maybe I'm imagining things, but I don't see as much soft lines in the drawings from this era, so much as bundles of thin lines. I'm guessing it's because the shapes aren't as round as they were prior to Sleeping Beauty and Dalmatians