Friday, July 22, 2016

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble @ The Grove

If you live in the Los Angeles area, come by the The Grove and see me at the fabulous Barnes & Noble next Thursday, July 28. I will give an informal talk on Disney's Nine Old Men, followed by a Q & A and of course a book signing. We will start at 7pm. I look forward to meeting and talking to you.
I'd appreciate if you passed on this information through Facebook. Thanks!

Here is a great pic showing one of the Nine, master animator Frank Thomas. The guests in his office are Barbara Luddy and Larry Roberts, who voiced Lady and Tramp.
I re-watched parts of this movie the other day and was just awe struck by the artistry, the phenomenal character animation as well as the extraordinary backgrounds, headed up by Claude Coats and his team. A treasure of a film!!


  1. Congratulations for your informal talk Mr. Andreas! You are the best!!

  2. I wish I could attend the book signing, but wrong part of the country for me. Ah, well. Perhaps if I can get a teaching job in Southern California next year, I'll have a chance to attend one of these things.

    I refreshed my memory of Lady and the Tramp last night. Not my favorite Disney story - I'll admit - but definitely some of the most gorgeous backgrounds in any Disney film. There have been beautiful backgrounds in recent Disney films (and my definition of 'recent' goes back 30 years), but few - it seems - with as much specificity and detail as in Lady and the Tramp. Such a treat to experience every once in a while.