Friday, July 15, 2016

Lounsbery Wolves

Disney all-round artist Ken Anderson drew concept designs for all characters in the film Robin Hood.
I have posted quite a few of them in the past. Usually Milt Kahl would then take over and polish Ken's original ideas for final animation.
Here a few sheets featuring the Sheriff of Nottingham's henchmen as wolves done by animator John Lounsbery. Some of the sketches are reminiscent of the wolf from Sword in the Stone, a character Louns animated about a decade earlier. He works pretty rough here as he focuses on poses and expressions that reveal the personality of these sub-villains.
In the end Milt's approach of the wolves made it to the screen. I will post his designs next.
Louns's drawings might not have the graphic sophistication you find in Milt's work, but there is an energy as well as charm in these sketches that is unique to his character research.

A couple of beautiful rough animation outtake drawings, showing the Sheriff of Nottingham, who is portrayed as an overweight wolf.

Thanks to Rick Farmiloe for providing these images.

Milt Kahl's work on this character can be seen in this earlier post:


  1. I think it's a slight pity that these wolves weren't developed any further, as characters. Maybe it'd spoil the comedy stylings of the bumbling Sheriff and his bumbling hench-vultures Trigger and Nutsy, but I think I could live with that for some kind of... I don't know... added association or group identity, and subsequent menace. 'Here is the Sheriff of Nottingham [a wolf] and these are his cronies. [Also wolves]' Like the big alpha leader of the pack.

    All the same, great character designs. They're still characterful in that aspect.!

    1. I suppose that's just how they wanted it without feeling the need to push the seriousness further with those guys. But yeah, I wish they did more with them too!

  2. Getting somewhat of a Chuck Jones vibe from the zigzagged lips and the razor-sharp eye direction. Which is to say, I love these!

    Speaking of John Lounsbery, Andreas, did he do most of the motorbike chase between Edgar and the dogs in The Aristocats? I was rewatching that scene recently and couldn't help grinning over the wild poses and timing. It looked like that animator had so much fun.

    Hope you are doing well!

  3. man, if you ever see Don Bluth's first pass drawings, they look just like Lounsbery's. He must have picked that up from assisting him.
    I love those big round noses in the first couple of drawings

    1. It certainly works. Though I suppose it takes the sting away from the seriousness of them simply being the sheriff's men after Robin in this.

      Interesting to note about Don Bluth as well. I remember at an early age thinking how much Robin Hood reminded me of what Bluth was doing in the 80's with his films.