Friday, August 26, 2016

Polar Bear

I was told that these polar bear designs are the work of John Lounsbery. They don't show the type of line work I associate with Louns, but who knows?! It looks like these sketches were made sometime during the 1940s, possibly 1950s. In any case, the drawings are lovely, good caricature based on the real animal.

Talking about polar bears. You MUST watch David Attenborough's BBC production of "The Hunt".
Just like "Planet Earth", best wildlife documentary EVER. The photography is insane, the program's episodes cover all kinds of animals. Get the Bluray from Amazon! If you are serious about studying nature to influence your animation, The Hunt will leave you breathless. Here is a clip:


  1. Why do I get flashes of Baloo while looking at these drawings?

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  3. Great drawings! Imagine that bear hunting for the seal in that The Hunt clip hah.