Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Milt Kahl Wire Sculptures Footage

These few scenes, showing Milt's wire sculptures with some dimension, were filmed at his home in Marin county. A little bit of the footage made it into the final 1/2 hour Disney Family Album episode, the rest are outtakes.
I wished the cameraman would have circled around the sculptures more, since that is the best way to show real depth. Nevertheless, these pieces are full of elegance and intelligent simplicity.
Just like in Milt's animation drawings, what he leaves out is as fascinating to watch as what he puts in.


  1. Thank you for posting Milt Kahl Sculptures art I'm a big fan of his artworks if you want to contact me i leave my email address it's jeremylelay@Hotmail.com

    Thanks You.

  2. These are everything I love about line drawing and animation with a beautiful 3D touch.

    1. Yes! You can really tell that an animator made these. He so confidently caricatures the human figure, getting maximum energy, grace, and style from it.

  3. Are any of his wire sculptures on display? or are they primarily in private collections?

  4. Beautiful. Since you enjoy doing wire sculpting yourself, I've been wondering if you've had a chance to draw in Virtual Reality yet? It's pretty much like wire sculpting, but as if the wire was coming out of your pencil (and without having to worry about balance and holding it all together). If you haven't tried it, I think you'd love it.