Saturday, October 22, 2016

Heinrich Kley Originals

A few originals by Heinrich Kley, offered at various auctions. The last image recently at Heritage. If I had my pick, I'd choose the first one, it looks like a master animation drawing. So effortlessly scribbled down. As I pointed out earlier, the Disney animators didn't have such knowledge of anatomy when working on the centaurs for Fantasia's Pastoral sequence.
Today Kley's work is still the standard when it comes to depicting fantasy characters with realism.


  1. I only draw animation as a hobby, but I learn so much from studying stills like these. Thanks so much for keeping this blog alive.

  2. Nice Andres! Also I was wondering if possibly you could upload (if you have it) these storyboard drawings from The Resucers? They're from the Behind the Scenes video, I was wondering if they still exist in better quality?

  3. woah, that sea scene is amazing.
    I love how he puts fantasy creatures into candid, 'real' poses. I guess it comes from being an expert observer. His exaggerated poses, like the first image here, are brilliant too, though.

  4. The second image is just hilarious! I love it!