Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Private Disney Apartment

Most of you probably already know that Walt Disney kept a private apartment at Disneyland, located just above the fire house. This photo shows Walt relaxing in the company of his wife Lilian, his daughters Sharon and Diane as well as Diane'e husband Ron.
These days the park's management gives tours of the apartment on special occasions. A while ago I had the honor to visit this extraordinary place along with some friends. One of them was carrying a bulky backpack. While a lovely Disneyland vip hostess showed us around and explained the apartment's history, my friend turned, and his backpack hit the vintage gramophone's horn. I'll tell you, that horn wobbled for quite a while before settling. Our Disney hostess was aghast...well, we all were. The unimaginable might have happened.
Lesson learned: When visiting Walt's apartment, leave your backpack in a locker downstairs!! (and don't bring clumsy friends.)


  1. Cool vintage picture.. I read somewhere they said, It was haunted and they keep the light on 24/7. Because it started when someone went to turn the light off, and someone yelled out " I'm still here!" with no body else there. Lol! Maybe we can bring pencil tests up there and get get critiques from Walt himself, would that be amazing! Happy Halloween!

  2. I have no idea of that picture, private stuff ?! will it dosent matter, i dont care but sorry maybe somthing else.