Friday, November 25, 2016

A Great Lounsbery Scene

John Lounsbery animated this hilarious moment from The Jungle Book. Colonel Hathi prevents the Bugler elephant from sounding the alarm prematurely. 
Bugler forms the instrument with his trunk, and responds to Hathi:"Yes, sir!" He then blows the "horn" before Hathi's trunk blocks the air flow. What a crazy idea to have the now trapped air backfiring, filling up Bugler's cheeks. At he end they deflate with a silly sound effect, his ears wiggling. 
Great drawing, great timing, great comedy, (before the gag was re-used in Robin Hood).
I love the way Louns works with all that loose flesh during squash and stretch.

Everyone of these drawings is priceless.


  1. I'll need to find this scene again and try to see if the move from twos to ones is noticeable (and if not, how?)
    By the way, the new "Planet Earth" BBC series is going to blow you away, whenever it comes out over there. Incase you need to get even more fired up about big cats!

  2. One of the greatest uses of squash and stretch in Disney history easily!

  3. The sound that the elephant makes in this scene absolutely cracks me up!

  4. I certainly remember this scene but I never realized how exquisite these drawings are. I can't think of anything from modern animation with this level of complexity (look at all those wonderful folds of loose skin!) and appeal. Sigh---I miss animation like this.

    Thank you for sharing these, Andreas.