Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

Remembering a time when a holiday TV program with the Old Maestro (as Floyd Norman calls him) 
made my Christmas season. When a show like this one ran on our TV, my whole family needed to be absolutely quiet...they weren't actually, which frustrated the heck out of me. 

A few pages from vintage Disney Christmas cards.

And a Happy New Year to everybody!


  1. Merry Christmas, Andreas! Nice to chat briefly at the supermarket today. Would love to check out your feature some day. Perhaps lunch or coffe sometime. I'm at Best, Oliver

  2. Marry Christmas! Andreas, thanks for sharing your post i will like if you can riding a book of all the artworks of the Disney classic all the drawings that was abandoned some we never seen before like The Little Mermaid of Kay Nielsen 1940s and Marc Davis of The Snow Queen Enchanted Snow Palace the 1977 for DisneyLand I don't know if someone will be intresting in it, its just an idea beacuse I will like to see new art books.

    I will like to leave my email address

  3. Merry Christmas Mr. Andreas! I hope the pass very well, I admire you, thanks for all