Thursday, January 26, 2017

By Grim Natwick

I have kept xeroxes of a few magazine articles written by the one and only Grim Natwick, such as this one, for a long time. I just can't remember exactly which magazine they are from, but I do believe it was a UK publication from the late 1970s.
In this edition Grim talks about Disney animators Ollie Johnston, Marc Davis (who assisted Grim on the character of Snow White) and Milt Kahl. He discusses some of their work as well as their individual hobbies.
I will post his other articles soon.
Terrific caricature of Milt Kahl by Richard Williams.


  1. Hi Andreas!

    My apologies if this message is starting to feel like spam, but I'm really eager for an answer.
    I was wondering if you know more about this picture you used in your post:

    As it happens, I am fairly certain I have the original at home, which I got from my grandfather. The sketches mean a great deal to me, and have been wondering for ages what the history behind it is? I would love to come into contact with you somehow, except I couldn't find your e-mail adres anywhere. You can reply to this comment or e-mail em directly at


    Thomas Bruinsma

  2. Very nice. I enjoy this blog very much. I also bought the book The Nine Old Men which i really enjoy.
    Who drew the Ollie Johnston caricature in the second image?

  3. Hello, Andreas. Based on the first page, I am certain that this series of articles was written for "CARTOONIST PROfiles" a quarterly magazine published here in the USA. I believe at that time it was an "unofficial" house publication of the National Cartoonists Society.

  4. Hi Andreas - in my files for the 'Marc Davis Goes to WED' book, I have this as: ‘Three Men Three Hobbies’ – Cartoonist Profiles No. 43, Sept. 1979

  5. Andreas, don't you think Disney make to much money to release Snow White or Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray The Walt Disney Signature Collection, we all ready have the Diamond Edition in 2011 recently it's not necessary to make Bambi The Signature Collection, because I'm happy that we have the Diamond Collection in Europe so in the Americas its different than France.

  6. That Milt characiture is fantastic. I think it's also in Animators Survival Kit? Great stuff as usual.

  7. How The Walt Disney Company find a way to make Bambi 2 and the Great Prince of the Forest did you find the idea to make the story betwene father and son.

  8. It was an absolute joy to read the article. I was fortunate to have been able to visit Walt's barn in January 2017, and while there I felt of the love these men had for trains! While there I also was fortunate enough to have met and chatted with Bob Gurr and Floyd Norman! What a day!
    Thank you for posting!

  9. Love this! I Really like his description of Milt haha.

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