Wednesday, January 4, 2017

More Pongo and Perdita Poses

These are sections from a model sheet made up of Milt Kahl pre-animation poses of Pongo and Perdita. For some reason this model sheet was never printed and circulated around the studio. Perhaps because subtle changes were still made for final designs. The amount of spots was greatly reduced for obvious reasons. 
These dogs are every bit as realistic as Lady and the Tramp. Its just that the relationship between lines and shapes was enforced for a strong graphic look.

A few of these poses appeared as rough sketches in earlier posts:

I love the way Pongo's soft neck skin reacts to the pull of the collar in the last drawing.


  1. This is Amazing Andreas, Are there some artworks come in your own studio im curious about art and I loved all the ideas.🎨

  2. Andreas, do you have a photo of sculptures of the Disney archives, I look in the book of Il était une fois Walt Disney : Aux sources de l'art des studios Disney there's a sculture of Bambi adolescent in the pages, I don't know if you reed books in French.

  3. These are wonderful! My dog pulls that last pose quite often... hehe.

  4. I love the way Kahl designed animals' muzzles, he found such an elegant way to show the top as boney, and the underside as loose. And the way he attaches the nose perfectly shows the tilt, lovely stuff!