Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Genius of Hans Bacher

Hans Bacher knows what he is talking about. He is an avid student and admirer of classic animation as well as modern art. Hans knows color like nobody's business. He is an expert at composition, staging and mood. His work on Mulan elevated that film into one of the two most beautiful Disney films from the modern era. (The other one being Aladdin. Richard Vander Wende was responsible for the look of that film.)
Here are a few pages from Hans' Mulan style guide. Extraordinary!


  1. wie komme ich zu der ehre, andreas?
    hoffe es geht dir gut, hab lange nichts mehr von dir gehoert.
    jedenfalls danke fuer die uebertreibungen...

    1. They aren't exaggerations, Hans!
      your touch always inspire silence, reminding us we are in front of something beautiful
      a big hug!

  2. Hans Bacher also was production designer of Balto. What is your opinion of that film?

  3. Just received his artbook Dream Worlds for not so long ago; however, I just lost interest in him at the Beauty and the Beast chapter when he writes about learning to curse in German. I disgust curse words!