Friday, March 17, 2017

Gaston in "Real Life"

I saw Bill Condon's Beauty and the Beast a week ago, and was very happy with Luke Evan's portrayal as Gaston. A role like this one could be overplayed in a cartoony way very easily, but Evan's performance is nuanced and entertaining. Check out the film!

My previous posts on Gaston's 1991 cartoon version:

I had great help from these terrific animators:
Joe Haidar, Ron Husband, Dave Burgess, Alex Kuperschmidt, and Tim Allen.


  1. In my "making of BATB" book there is a still from the live action reference you (supposedly) used for Gaston in the 1991 film. Do you have any stills from the live action ref? Can you talk a little about how you use live action reference? And who played Gaston in the Live action ref? Thanks!

  2. Andreas, why do thay change for the live action because in the story I look in the book of "Beauty and the Beast" Belle she keep her golden dress ball gown until the end of the movie so in the original animated she had her blue dress after the dance with the Beast.

  3. I hate remakes. Then a friend told me the 1991 version is also a remake! Time to get off my soap box.