Saturday, March 4, 2017

Raymond Sheppard

A while ago, when I was looking for artists who might inspire me as far as depicting tigers, I came across Raymond Sheppard. His work is solid, accurate, "no nonsense". Beautiful old fashioned animal drawing in the best sense of the word.

Wikipedia says:
Raymond Sheppard (1913–1958) was a British artist and illustrator of books for children and adults. He wrote books on drawing techniques, but is best known for his illustrations of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea and the works of Jim Corbett.

Here is a sampling of his work.

Much more on Raymond Sheppard on this terrific blog:


  1. Thanks for the promotion. He certainly was brilliant and I'll keep sharing! And I love your blog too, Norman

  2. Amazing stuff! what a shame that he didn't live long. Clearly he knew the big cats inside-out. The sense of weight in those last few drawings is super brilliant, they're like life drawings, only with tigers as the models

  3. Wow. What a versatile talent!
    I'll have to investigate some of the old drawing lessons/books I have to see if they include works by Sheppard.

    His work has wonderful action/motivation contained in it. There are hints of a more realistic version of Walt Disney stylistic characters or maybe I'm just superimposing that sense over them. The owl in particular strikes me as having a quality of Bambi's owl but with considerably less abstraction.

    Thanks for pointing to the blog. Great site.

  4. Great stuff!! I'm always amazed at how someone can become that good of draftsman.. I don't know how much it will take me to become that good..really. I guess I'll just have to keep drawing to find out.

    1. As Eric Larson used to say:
      Observation, observation, observation!

    2. Wow,thanks. I will try to observe as much as I can. I'll put this quote up on my wall so I never forget haha.

  5. terrific artist, Andreas. Esp love the bobcats (or lynxes?).