Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Three Caballeros

Wouldn't it be great to resurrect this type of film making? Finding a great story that needed to be told with hand drawn animated characters as well as live actors. I am not talking Roger Rabbit II, I would prefer brand new material. There is just something wonderfully nonsensical about combining these two worlds. And when done well, completely magical. 

Here is a Popular Science article from September of 1944 about how Disney made the then upcoming feature The Three Caballeros.
The vintage writing style cracks me up, you'll see what I mean.


  1. I wonder if Kimball ever got a bonus for making those funny faces...

    1. Look at this page, Kimball and a few others going crazy:


  2. I love Ward Kimball's blowout in the title song. I agree with you about a Roger Rabbit 2. Once in a while there are rumours about it, but I think it was great as a one-off party

  3. I don't think It's a good idea of Roger Rabbit 2. I'm not sure and I'm sorry but I respect your idea but there are rumors on the Internet people are talking about Bambi 3 or Snow White live action but we have the Disney 2002 version with Kristen Kreuk.

  4. I love the Three Caballeros! Panchito is one of my all-time favourite characters. Gracias!!

    Only...cels were painted on the back, so the cel in that picture should be reversed.