Monday, April 10, 2017

Disney Roughs

A bunch of Disney rough animation drawings to show the various drawing styles of the animators.
As usual Ollie Johnston has a light touch in his work, allowing him to animate faster than most other animators (he spent less time in each drawing.) The first three images are by him.

Fred Moore's loose energy and confidence are evident in this rough of Doc.

Bill Tytla drew the scenes with the dwarfs before and during Grumpy's bath outside.
Terrific animation, but drawings like this one need a top clean up assistant to add detail.

Eric Larson indicated on the right side how part of Cinerella's dress should flow. This is important information for the in-betweener.

The beaver from Lady and the Tramp examines the log-puller.

A John Lounsbery rough of King Hubert. the shape language is very close to Milt Kahl's.

A powerful pose of Maleficent, not by Marc Davis, but by animator Amby Paliwoda, who I believe didn't get any credit on Sleeping Beauty.


  1. Iconic very iconic just like Emma Watson Belle,s dress flowing in the spring of a Royal Ball of the ending of Beauty and the Beast, awesome Andreas good point.😂

  2. Do you know what that Mickey drawing is from? It looks like a later design, but I'm not sure if Ollie worked on any shorts after the 1940s

    1. That Mickey is from a title sequence for the 1950s TV show Mickey Mouse Club.

    2. Thanks, I thought it looked like a 50's design. I had no idea Ollie did that

  3. No Milt or Frank? Blasphemy!! 😱😂

  4. Maleficent looks like one of those vamp actors from the silent film era. I would like to know more about them if there exist a website devoted to silent vamp actors

  5. Hi Andreas. Love the Maleficent scene. Do you have more from this sequence? Also, why didn't Amby get screen credit? Do you know?

  6. I also forgot to mention, the Eric Larson Cindy scene is wonderful. I just love the expression on her face and it all comes from a pencil! Great expressive lines!