Monday, June 5, 2017

From House Cats to Tigers

This was a fun exercise I did a while ago at Tina Price's Center Stage Gallery in Burbank.
We drew grown house cats as well as a couple of kittens that day. After doing this for a while I asked everybody to use the cats' poses, but beef them up as tiger drawings. You'd be surprised how similar the overall body rhythm is between the house cat and the big cat. These are the few sketches I did that  afternoon.
I love exercises like this, when using your model as reference for something different.
At Disney I did this with Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove. I studied model poses from fashion magazines to inspire poses for Yzma, who is of course a very old woman.


  1. Bit off-topic, but I just finished watching "Waking Sleeping Beauty" in an attempt to learn more about Howard Ashman (that is after hearing that the new B&tB's Lefou being gay was a kind of tribute for him), and I can't help but ask whether you could maybe, sometime write a post on Ashman.

    I know he wasn't an animator, but based on what I found so far (sadly, not too much info on him has stuck around) he seemed like one of the most passionate, genius of an artist who was one of the, if not the, moving forces behind the 'Disney Renaissance.' We know he was the one, perhaps, to first revolutionise the idea of taking Broadway musicals and pairing the style with animation, but there isn't much on the man himself; what was he like to work with, his creative process, etc.

    It's probably not as simple, & I don't know how much you can share, but any written post on Ashman would be wonderful & very much appreciated.

    All the Best!
    (p.s - love this blog & keep up!)

    1. Good news, buddy, Don Hahn is doing a documentary about Howard Ashman right now!

    2. Amazing! His story needs to be told.