Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Miscellaneous Bambi

Some of you might have watched the Bambi Milt Kahl pencil test I posted a while ago. It was his rough animation of a scene which does not appear in the movie. A few days ago I came across these photos taken at Disney's Animation research Library. Those drawings above show that Milt's experimental scene made it all the way through clean up. And who knows, perhaps through color.
Cutting polished animation or even color scenes is very costly, yet it happens on almost any animated production. Something I try to avoid on Mushka.

Here is the link to Milt's rough animation of the scene:

A couple of different models made for the animators to study. One shows the motion range of a fawn, the other one is a realistic depiction


  1. I like Milt Kahl pencil test your right Andreas, it's fantastic and I don't know if these sketches are at the Disney studios or at your house, will you post images of Bambi adulte, I like the pencil test.

  2. Do you reckon the scene was cut, or was it earlier in the process, without any story context?
    Did it have a BG layout or anything?
    Also I wonder if those models were all that useful. Other than showing a simplified skeleton, I wonder if they got much use out of it

  3. Have you see ANASTASIA the animated film Andreas, there is a Broadway show I hope you are going to see it.

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