Thursday, June 1, 2017

Road Rage

Another great Madame Medusa scene by the one and only Milt Kahl.
Here she is on her way to the airport to take the next flight to Devil's Bayou. Medusa has to take matters into her own hands, since Snoops has difficulties in dealing with Penny, the orphan girl.

I wonder what came first in producing this scene. The effects animator's car turning, or Milt's Medusa animation. My guess is that Milt roughed out the main shapes and volumes for the car, before an effects artist would clean it up.
I love how Medusa is leaning into the curve. Every drawing a gem!

Milt used to drive a car like this one. It was a reproduction of a Panther Roadster, and he showed it off during his episode of the Disney channel series, Disney Family Album.
See fuzzy frame grab below!


  1. Here's the drawings assembled in .gif form
    I usually draw round and squashy stuff, so it's always amazing to me when hard-surface stuff is handled well

  2. Oh, how I miss those days of Disney Channel.

  3. Were Milt's car really the inspiration behind Medusa's car? I've seen this clip before the Disney Family Album theme begins

  4. You could feel how Medusa turns the steering wheel with anger! Milt Kahl was and will be forever incredible!
    Thank you so much for sharing them!

  5. That coat of hers is terrible. I wish she had better fashion sense.