Monday, June 26, 2017

Witch Hunt

Look how cinematically Disney's story artists thought when working out continuity for a dramatic sequence for their first feature Snow White
At the end of the movie the Witch realizes she is being pursuit by the dwarfs, and it is time to run.
These terrific story sketches show how the artist not only worked out the continuity of this section, but also gave thought to staging, background mood and effects. The final film footage comes  very close to these early gutsy concepts.


  1. Andreas, that's my favorite scene of the Dwarfs who are chasing the Witch wen she was getting killed by falling a cliff by lighting masterpiece artworks.

  2. I hope you will post more artworks of Snow White, by the way Andreas do you have the desing of Snow White's mother wen she pick her finger a little drop of blood like in the original story.