Sunday, August 27, 2017

Four Old Men & One Young Lady

On February 13, 1957 the Disneyland TV episode was titled:
The Tricks of our Trade.
Walt Disney explains various production techniques, and how his animators study real life to achieve convincing results. At that time the studio was busy with the production of Sleeping Beauty.
In one brief film clip you can see Marc Davis, John Lounsbery and Milt Kahl, as they sketch actress Helene Stanley who is posing as Aurora. Her dress was made by none other than Alice Davis.

The color footage includes Milt Kahl, Marc Davis and Frank and Ollie. This part is scripted, and the animators act out certain situations. They pretend to do research for Fantasia as Helene Stanley acts out a few animal characters from the film. In one scene Ollie shows his drawing of a dancing ostrich to the other artists. Milt criticizes the size of the feet and proceeds to enlarge them right over Ollie's sketch. Again, all scripted, but this is the kind of thing Milt would do anyway.

Milt's version of the Fantasia hippo.

The whole TV episode is included in Walt Disney Treasures (DVD) :
Behind the Scenes of the Walt Disney Studio.
I am not sure if the episode can be found on any Disney Bluray disc.


  1. These photos have been dreaming forever <3

  2. "The whole TV episode is included in Walt Disney Treasures (DVD) :
    Behind the Scenes of the Walt Disney Studio."

    One of far too many that were never released outside of Region 1.

    (I'll probably never understand what motivated them to release "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" over here, but not the fourth part of "Chronological Donald".)

  3. Well, Helene Stanley was quite offended when the animators talk about big feet etc. that she was about to leave. Then she found out that they were talking about ostriches and hippos. Was that also scripted?

    I did collect some Walt Disney Treasures DVDs that are R1 and doesn't play on the R2 DVD Players. Luckily, I bought a code-free DVD Player, so I can watch rare Disney DVDs and film classics such as Hollywood Party (where Mickey Mouse is featured) and the silent film version of She

    1. I think your comment on this blog is at the wrong place; you are replying on my comment, which I can't see why.
      But I think I can answer that question for you. At first I didn't think so, but then again I consulted Walt Disney's Nine Old Men and the Art of Animation for that matter. Well, Milt Kahl is born in American, but his father was a German immigrant

  4. Did you ever have to pretend to work in a "making of" thing, Andreas?

  5. Hello Andreas. My name is Hussein Sharif. I wanted to ask something, we all know you have been trained under the nine old men and They taught you everything they're Techniques and animation style so my question is are you training young and fresh animators and teaching them everything the nine old men taught you? You know, to make sure their legacy and their Techniques and animation style never die and to carry on forever

  6. I love these! I always wish that there was more footage of the nine old men. There doesn't seem to be enough haha.

  7. Apparently there is a secret Nine Old Men documentary in the Peter Pan Blu-ray 3 disc Diamond Edition. I wanted to buy the dvd just to see it but it's pretty expensive. I'm sure it's worth it though.

  8. Oh my... How the years go by... It was an incredible age! The golden age for the 2D animation movies.