Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stepmother's Bedroom

Probably my favorite sequence in Cinderella. Lady Tremaine is about to discipline her stepdaughter by demanding an overwhelming number of chores around the house.
This camera angle is from behind the night stand. The focus is on Cinderella, who is shown in the light. But the grid-like shadow (an effects level) gives the impression that she is in prison. Masterful staging.
Eric Larson animated Cinderella throughout this sequence, and Frank Thomas of course gave the Stepmother her ultra chilling performance.
Above is the film frame grab, below the actual background.


  1. Andreas, i will like to ask you a question I click on Notify me what's that it's to send a message on my email address account.

    1. Lady Tremaine is a darker villain after the Wicked Queen on Snow White Is one of the scared scenes like HOLD YOUR TONGUE or SILENCE and DO IT AGAIN, gosh Eleanor Audley is one of the best actress in the 50s and later Lady Traimaine is portrying by Cate Blanchett and Maleficent by Angelina Jolie, if Frank Thomas and Marc Davis are still alive i think thay will appreciate of the live action of Cinderella and Maleficent.

  2. Is the first image taken from the blu-ray release? I always find myself wondering how much image detail was lost in the original backgrounds and cel art in practically all animated movies shot on film.

  3. I'm grabbed by when you said the light coming from the windows is an effects level. I've always wondered how lighting effects where achieved in cel animation. For instance, if a candle is lit and the background goes from dark to light, was the effect achieved by painting two backgrounds and fading from one to the other, did they paint a different background for each second the light changes, or are cels painted with the new background colors and laid on top of the darker background?

  4. Wow.
    With all that design of the bedroom through shape and color, you can easily tell who Lady Tremaine is.
    Do you agree?