Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bedknobs and Poppins

S/R Labs

I love the animated sequences in Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Wether anthropomorphic or standard animal types, the designs as well as the animation are just beautiful.
Just look at this trio of underwater creatures. How would you fit clothes convincingly on to fish?!
Below a vis/dev sketch of the bed with five humans entering the Blue Lagoon.

You just can't go wrong with Milt Kahl designs animated by John Lounsbery. All of these farm animals are so beautifully brought to life. Combined with a Sherman song, it's animation heaven.

S/R Labs

Milt Kahl dominated all final designs in those days, and that's a good thing. As Brad Bird said, without Milt's influence, the late Disney movies would look style-less. Without any particular graphic approach.


  1. Andreas,

    I just LOVE your blog Thank you so much for sharing such amazing artwork with all of us. As an student, it's truly inspiring.

    Fritz Hug's drawings are amazing will I can say a word in French because I'm in France, J'ai habiter en France pendant 18 ans en en 1997 quant j'avais 4 ans donc ont a quitter Los Angeles pour allez habiter en France parce que j'ai une Famille Française du côté de mon Papa et une Famille American côté de ma Maman, So wen I come to California it's my Mom who decided to go but she's very busy at her Bakerie shop so she the Boss of her shop, I'm very proud to be a American but I speak Two Language English and French and
    I'm not a person who is bugging anyone I'm 23 years-old but I Respect your Blog

    Thank you Andreas.

  2. That horse in the cel-painted drawing of Drag hunting looks good, even though it has droopy eyes.

    ...Because I'm Danish, that word Drag Hunting I would try to describe the sport in English sounds a little bit foreign to me, as we say Hubertusjagt (literally means Hubertus-hunt) which is easy for me to understand. Besides Mary Poppins, there was an Olsen Banden movie that introduced me to this kind of sport, as far as I recall from my adolescent years. Have you seen Olsen Banden? I believe they were also popular in Germany according to some facts, and some German guy who was an Olsen Banden-enthusiast made a cameo appearance in the last movie of the movie series in 1998

  3. Love these sequences too;merveilleux graphisme