Monday, November 20, 2017

Ollie Johnston's Animation of Jock

Beautiful sensitive animation drawings by Ollie Johnston of Jock from Lady and the Tramp are currently offered by Heritage Auctions.
Ollie's approach is uncomplicated, with only one thing in mind: the character's inner emotions.
As I mentioned before, his light touch with the pencil allowed Ollie to get through his scenes quickly.
He often provided more footage than most animators did on any given production.


  1. My favorite artwork is "THE SNOW QUEEN" by Carol Police what was made in 2003, I will like if you post in your blog Andreas but I love all the Art of Disney.

    1. I'm curious what the story problem was? I always loved The Snow Queen but it was canceled in 2003 and later back in production in 2012 the title change to FROZEN in 2013 ressantely.

      FROZEN is a masterpiece.

    2. I dont know. You can take a couple songs outta Frozen and it doesn't effect the story.

    3. It depends how the story was made back then.

  2. I see the drawing for frame 5 is pretty tight. I guess he would do a few of those to show the assistants what he wants. Was it common for him to do that?
    Hope you enjoyed CTN, too, did you do any talks or panels, etc?

  3. Only a protégé of Freddie Moore could pull of such subtlety in line. You know, other than Milt. Or Marc. Or Ward. Oh gosh, I want to draw like the masters so bad!!

  4. Wonderfully animated. I was owned by a Scottish Terrier for 10 years. I miss that little guy, Hamish always reminded me of Jock.