Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cinderella Photostat and Final Frame

Eric Larson animated this scene in which Cinderella enters frame with a teakettle and starts pouring hot water into one of the teapots.
Photostat and final image might be a couple frames off, but you can see Eric's graphic choices bases on the live action reference. Cinderella's head is tilted more toward camera so that her face is easier to read.

Amazing that the prop trays and cups are exactly aligned for the animation. But then again they had to, since their arrangement are an important part of this gag sequence involving Lucifer.
One thing I noticed is that the inking of the saucers on the cel looks poor, the ovals are all off.
This movie was rushed through production, and sometimes it shows.

But who cares, when you have such a great story and beautiful character animation!

Photostat - Van Eaton Galleries


  1. CINDERELLA is my favorite Disney movie i love the Live-Action 2015 and the Animation 1950 this two versions are great stories about Courage and Kindness.

    1. Wen thay shoot in live action, Helen Stanley was 18 years old wen she play Cinderella she was a great actress for model of young Girls today.

  2. I remember seeing the film when I was a kid. It was so well done even though production was a little rushed on occasion. A truly marvelous animated film.

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