Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Click's Magazine 1941

Here's a 1941 magazine article that promotes the release of Fantasia. Always fun to read about the current mood and situation during Disney's golden age of animation.


  1. Nice magazine Andreas, I hope there's a magazine of Bambi newspaper or Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and why not Beauty and the Beast i hope you can post these ?.

  2. Hey Andreas! It's funny to remember how few 'serious' composers wanted to work in film. I just rewatched Vertigo recently, which sounds nothing if not serious (and looks very Disneyesque indeed during the nightmare sequence). I idolize Bernard Herrmann and I wish he'd worked on a cartoon or two. Who are some of your favorite composers, film or otherwise?

    Also: Any idea who designed or sculpted the black centaurette on the first page? It's an incredibly affectionate portrait, especially for the era. I just wish the design in the final film was half as kind.

    Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Did you, (or other animators in your unit) find these kinds of sculptures useful? I've seen a picture of you with a model of Scar's head before.
    In any case, they look cool

  4. I know I'm not supposed to say so, but I really want that maquette. You can see it in some photographs from the time and in the background of (I think) "The Reluctant Dragon." I love it, understand its context, and would take care of it really well.

    1. A couple of versions of a figure of the Nubian Centaurette were produced by Vernon Kilns pottery http://treasuresofthetwentiethcentury.com/httpdocs/build/vex13/F41CFEBD-B240-47BB-85C2-215378299080.htm