Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just a Beautiful Drawing Wilhelm M. Busch for a bookcover.
An ordinary pose, drawn in an extraordinary fashion. This approach applies to animation as well.
Often you get to do a scene in which the character does something ordinary. How can this scene come out looking interesting. Of course the first thought should be around the character's personality. Is there a way to be unique and specific in your acting choices. The same goes for drawing and staging. A woman is sitting on a chair. What is she thinking? Who is she? Once you know that, then the drawing challenge follows. How can I portray this woman in the most beautiful and insightful way, so people want to look at her.
Well, I do want to know more about this woman. I guess I will have to read the novel.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks again for these Busch’s illustrations.

  2. Thank you for your lesson in cover artworks! :-)
    After I read it I thougt of the cover of your book " The Nine Old Men" ...
    Today is world book day. I'm old school so I collect books and mostly children books (everytime I see "Finding Nemo" I think of "Swimmy" by Leo Lionni ;-) ) or I like to spend time in librarys specially to study art books.
    By the way: Thank you for sharing pictures by W. Busch or H. Kley with us ! :-)

  3. Very Informative blog.
    Learned alot

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