Friday, May 25, 2018

Milt & Roger Miller

Great behind the scenes photo of Milt Kahl and Roger Miller, the voice of Allan-a-Dale, the rooster from Disney's 1973 film Robin Hood. As far as character designs, this is one of my favorites. This character needed to be depicted in some kind of period costume. How do you do that with a rooster?
Milt did have some experience with clothing on poultry, having designed and animated Ludwig von Drake in the early 1960s.
For an extensive post on Allan-a-Dale from 2011 go here:


  1. Allen a Dale's intro to Robin Hood is tied with 101 Dalmatians has my favorite credits scene.

  2. I dont know what they were thinking but they both looks happy haha

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  3. The last of the good old days at Disney. I never saw Milt this happy again. I honestly never cared for the film, but it was my last opportunity to create animation at Disney. After "Robin Hood" I never animated again.

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