Monday, September 17, 2018


I love a lot of the artwork produced to promote Fantasia. Look at the cover illustration of this book, published around the release date of the film in 1940. Classy and elegant, capturing the essence if the film.
The poster below is from Denmark. Probably for a later release.

This one definitely has the color vibe from a re-release, perhaps during the 1950s or 1960s.

Fantasia had plenty of product tie ins. This ad aiming toward brides with good taste and slim budget is from 1941.

More products created for several re-releases of the film.

The man who got movie going audiences interested in classical music. Myself included!


  1. This is so beautiful, this movie had such a big impact on me as a child !! Fascinating, colorful, wonderful and sometimes quite terrifying... Masterpiece !!

  2. The poster art from Denmark is it!

  3. Andreas did you see the trailer of "The Returns of Mary Poppins" and "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms".

  4. I see the cover illustration, the poster from Denmark and the products and ask myself again:
    Is a naked elephant too sexy? ;-)

  5. Do you think Disney will ever make a 3rd Fantasia movie, Andreas? I know about the one that was being planned for 2006 before they canceled it, and how "Destino", "The Little Matchgirl", and "Lorenzo" were originally going to be segments for it.

    1. The problem is that John Lasseter cancelled all the sequels in 2006, I was 14 years old in 2006 and I remember reading this on the Internet that Disney Toon Studios was closed in July 2006 by John Lasseter because he was complaining about the sequels is ruining the company, Bambi 2 was the best Disney movie because Andreas Deja work it on the project in 2005 and I remember the artworks that I saw on the Internet wen I was 13 years old but I had a good memory and saw all these beautiful Concept Art by Carol Kieffer Police who work on Bambi 2 after The Snow Queen who cancelled in 2003 for making FROZEN in 2013.

    2. Well that was all Lasseter's fault, and he's gone now.

      Plus if he let Wreck-It Ralph 2 go into production, then it only shows his hypocrisy. And as I've always seen with The Rescuers Down Under, Disney sequels CAN be good.

  6. The poster from Denmark is really fascinating, since I'm from Denmark. Never knew Poul Reichhardt did voice-over for the movie. The only known release date for this movie in Denmark is April 6th 1951, which probably makes sense, but would likely to find out if it has re-releases in Denmark. Am planning to write about the making of Fantasia, and this new anecdote about Poul Reichhardt should also be included.

  7. Fantasía es atemporal(en palabras de Walt).Una obra maestra absoluta.