Saturday, September 1, 2018

Ollie Johnston's thumbnail sketches

These are very small thumbnail sketches Ollie did before going into full animation on the "Mowgli meets Baloo" sequence from The Jungle Book. He worked of storyboard drawings, but went further in terms of personality business and acting ideas.
His mind was not on doing great drawings (even though they are) but on finding the characters' inner feelings. This was always the thing with Ollie, what is the character thinking, and why does he feel this way?
I believe footage from Disney's life action 1953 documentary Bear Country inspired some of the scenes in which Baloo finds entertaining ways to scratch his furry body.

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  1. I hope it is not inappropriate or presumptuous to use your comment section to ask a question unrelated to the current posting. If it is, please ignore this question. But with your Disney background, I was hoping you would have some insight into my question or be able to suggest someone who might. Currently on ebay there is a listing for a Pinocchio magazine article called Designs for Disney by Patricia Hogan. The listing is titled Rare Vintage Disney Pinocchio Article January 1940. The article includes a few photographs, one of which is of a man sculpting a Geppetto maquette. On the shelf above are more maquettes. Two of them look like the Blue Fairy. I have never seen or heard of a Blue Fairy maquette. At the Walt Disney Family Museum Pinocchio exhibit a few years back, the room displaying maquettes had every character except the Blue Fairy. Does a photograph of a Blue Fairy maquette exist? If you have any knowledge of a Blue Fairy maquette or know of anyone who might, I would be most grateful. Thank you. Bryan

  2. These sketches are awesome. You can share them on this webpage. It's not hard at all.