Friday, November 16, 2018

Frazetta Drawings

I guess most of you know of Frank Frazetta's work. His draughtsmanship (as well as painting) is extraordinary. He became known as the world's best illustrator for the fantasy/science fiction genre.
Copied by many, but no other artist has came close to this level of expertise.
The depiction of his women and men are sexually charged figures within various storytelling themes.
Bodybuilders and pin up girls. His animals and monsters are strong and muscular as well.
Frazetta goes for maximum dramatic effect in his composition to dazzle the viewers.
There is a sense of ease in his line work. I particularly like his loose drawings. Marvelous doodles that continue to inspire today's animators and illustrators.
I would call him a modern Heinrich Kley.


  1. I heard about Frank Frazetta artworks wen I was at the Atelier Art Class at school in Varades in France, my teacher Delphine Renaud teach me about to lern to draw the human body and the animal & the muscle and I draw step by step to learn drawing the sculptures of David by Michael-Angelo it was a great experience of working with my teacher Delphine Roneaud, I got to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris with the trip and I saw the painting of Leonard de Vinci the smile of Mona Lisa & the status of Cupid & Psych the true love kiss.

    1. You can be more than satisfied with the exemplary good arts education you get! :-)

  2. I wish I could find that Richard Williams commercial in better quality than what's on youtube. I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about, that was like a Frazetta poster. Unfortunately the Ralph Bakshi movie didn't really have the qualities that make Frazetta's work special

  3. Everytime I see great artworks like those of Frazetta I see them with the eye of a storyteller.
    What kind of story can you tell with those artworks and for whom?
    The most popular Disney movies are for all ages.
    So I think it was the right descision for Frazetta to say "No!"

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