Sunday, December 9, 2018

Jungle Book Art at Auction

Here are some wonderful pieces from The Jungle Book that were recently sold at auction. 
The piece above is a cel set up (matching cel with painted background). I don't know who painted this background, but the animation is by Milt Kahl. What I particularly like about the painting is the fact that some dark line work was maintained to match the characters' outlines.
I would call this a quintessential scene from the movie.

Below are a couple of concept paintings by Art Riley, who was one of Disney's great background painters. Google him and you'll find tons of his personal watercolors.


  1. yeah! An added bonus of using lines that way is that you can attract the eye to the focal point, and make a better sense of depth by excluding lines as you get further away

  2. Watching Bambi behind the scenes & am enjoying watching & listening to you speak. This was the only way I could find to tell you :)