Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Song of the South

What a beautiful color sketch, perhaps by Mary Blair.
I know that many of you are frustrated over the Song of the South controversy. All that beautiful animation lost in the film's dispute.
As for myself, I do agree with Bob Iger in that the movie cannot be screened today (unless it is for a lesson in American history).
I do believe that Walt and his crew had the best intentions when making it, but unfortunately the thought of being hurtful to many people had not entered their minds. Luckily attitudes and opinions change over time, and I bet you that if asked today, the film makers would agree with Bob.


  1. Interessantes Bild. Wirkt auf mich irgendwie merkw├╝rdig bedrohlich...

  2. The bootlegs are gonna get better and better quality (I already have a really good one), and I think it's bootleg status is the best outcome for the film at the moment.
    It would be PR hell for the company to release it officially now, but at least you can still see it if you want. And you can make up your own opinion about it

    1. I think they're calling unnecessary negative attention to themselves by *not* releasing it. The amount of time that has gone by is just as awkward as anything of offense in the actual film and you'd have to dig pretty deep to find it anyway. Black Cauldron singlehandedly almost shut down the studio and that got several home video releases.

      While we're on the subject of unreleased Disney, I think it's time to finally release "The Sweatbox", the documentary about the making of Emperor's New Groove.It can't be any seemlier than "The Boys" which was a childhood crusher if I ever saw one and it's definitely more realistic than "Waking Sleeping Beauty" which is nothing but 90 minutes of Schneider and Hahn blowing themselves.

  3. At least there's still Splash Mountain.

  4. So beautiful. A master of composition, color, and design sense.

  5. Us in Denmark, we only know it through Disney comics. So that would be a new experience to know that Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear have their own animated feature that we don't get to see. I did find out that it had a TV premiere on Danish TV back in 1992/93, but I was just a baby back then.

  6. hab gerade gedacht: sollte man dann auch Gone with the Wind nicht mehr zeigen? Und Birth of a Nation, zum Beispiel?


    Man kann doch auch einfach die Animationsteile rausnehmen und im Rahmen einer "Sendung" zeigen...

  8. Hi Andreas, I purchased a drawing from Heritage recently and I was wondering if you could give me some input into whether its a ward kimball drawing? Heres the link Any help would be greatly apprectiated.

  9. "the film can not be screened today"

    But do you own a print of it ? (digital or dvd or laser disc or 16mm ?) I'll bet you do.

  10. If you take Bob's reasoning then he wouldn't allow Gone With the Wind to be shown... Fortunately in the UK we don't have such a hang up over it. I have a copy of the movie I bought quite legit in HMV.