Saturday, May 11, 2019

Jungle Encounter

An absolutely charming and unique T. S. Sullivant illustration. And as usual full of surprising poses, expressions and textured line work. A visual treat!


  1. Although the scene is dramatic of the drawing above, a tiger in the process of devouring while showing his fangs, the exaggeration of the tiger's teeth creates humor. Therefore, comedy is heightened drama.

    It would be great if you could comment on classical art, such as Botticellis "birth of Venus" or Da Vinci's "the virtruvian man", on your blog using jargong from art studies.

  2. Great Post Andreas! Thank you

  3. I needed a second look to recognize what the ape do!

    Thanks for sharing! :-D

  4. It took me ages to realise that the ape was standing on its hands, and the strange lump was in fact its head! Sullivant's anatomy is of course faultless, but the lack of definition around the shoulder and neck made it harder for me to understand.

  5. As an animator, how did you balance the pressure to deliver and joy for the craft? If I was an artist doing commercial work, I believe the pressure would suck out the fun of the art.

    How did you find passion animating commercial work, which were always targeted to an audience you was not a part of?

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