Sunday, June 16, 2019

Rare Milt Kahl Drawings

Milt Kahl did mostly clean up drawings on the Prince in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
This guy was even more difficult to draw than the film's title character. As soon as the team found out about Milt's power of subtle draughtsmanship... as Milt himself put it:
"I got stuck with the clean up job on the guy." Needless to say he didn't enjoy this assignment at all. But he knew his superb artistry was needed to pull this character off.

Next is a Pinocchio drawing he did for a Les Clark scene.

A great doodle sheet featuring Thumper. Let's call 422 and see who answers.

A great sketch of adolescent Bambi. Still, I am not 100% sure if the head turn works with this definition of the neck.

I loove this scene of a cow turning away from camera in the 1950 short film The Brave Engineer.
There is no way you can animate a scene like this one in a more entertaining way.
The weights shifting is what it's all about!
Earlier I posted a drawing from this scene here:

Milt's final model for Alice.
But who is this lucky Evangelina person ??

Ok, I just googled her, she was a famous Mexican actress:

One of Milt's Peter Pan roughs, clearly based on live action footage.

This is a sketch Milt did for a Frank Thomas scene.
Look at the beautiful curvature of the dog's spine, supporting a roll over position.

My thanks again to Wil for providing hi/res scans of these stunning drawings.


  1. "...Let's call 422 and see who answers..."
    No Problem! All I have to know is the exact date of Milt Kahls doodle. It's important for my time machine! ;-D

    An old phone book isn't easy to get. Much moore harder than old photos from the entire staff of Disney * :-D

    *I ask myself if the man with glases of the doodle before...

  2. Loved the sketches of the turning cow!!!

  3. Compare one of the lower Alice illustrations (lower center right) with the cover art on the Disneyland record. The blue cover, a third of the way down this page:

  4. hi Mr.Deja!

    I am happy to fill in the blank here a little bit: Evangelina Elizondo WAS a Mexican actress, but most importantly, she was the VOICE OF CINDERELLA in Spanish, a role she won through a contest on Mexican radio.
    From what I have read, Walt Disney himself had a close relationship with Edmundo Santos, who was the dubbing director for the spanish market. Most of the animated films were dubbed in LA until Cinderella, when they started recording in Mexico City. It wouldn't surprise me if Ms. Elizondo had visited the studio more than once...
    I actually have some (sadly) low resolution scans of drawings of Cinderella that Marc Davis did for Ms. Elizondo, and they are autographed (I would be happy to email them to you).
    Following in the footsteps of Peggy Lee, Ms Elizondo sued the Disney company in the 90s for royalties for the home video market... this led the company to re-dub Cinderella in 1997. Pretty big blow to the spanish speaking world, who had enjoyed those voices for close to 50 years, and which had Walts' personal seal of approval. Since Ms Elizondo passed away a few years ago, I am now hopeful Disney will start re-using the original recordings.
    I hope this helps solve the mystery!

  5. ooh, this is the good stuff!
    It's interesting that he drew the arcs for the inbetweener of that cow scene. I wonder why doesn't everybody do that?