Sunday, January 12, 2020

More John Lounsbery Animation

The PETER PAN draft says:
Sequence 1.0, Scene 44.1
Father searching for cufflinks -- turning back covers on John's bed. 
Michael (o.s.) : "It got lost."
Father : "Good Heavens! My shirt front!"

This is a remarkable scene by John Lounsbery. Mr Darling is looking for his cufflinks, but instead finds his shirt front. 
I am sure there was life action reference footage available to Lounsbery, featuring Hans Conried, who voiced the father as well as Captain Hook.
But this goes way beyond live action. The broad motion reflects the father's frustrating emotional state. He can't believe he is finding something he wasn't even looking for.
John Lounsbery was a quiet, soft spoken man. Yet he was able to act out intense, volatile emotions as evident in this scene. 
Gorgeous staging and silhouette. 


  1. I saw the last image didn't show full size, couldn't be clicked. I did a bit of searching and it was uploaded just somehow the link didn't work. Here it is for you guys:

    Just copy the url and post it and voila there's the full image.

    Thanks as always for posting these gems! Louns was tops and one of the best indeed.

  2. This is probably my most favorite animation!

  3. yeah...endlich habe ich das Mickey Buch 'from Walt to the world' in Deutschland (zum Geburtstag) bekommen...whow whow whow, das beste °o°-Werk bisher.

  4. This is kind of a dumb question but it's about a Snow White Golden Book from the late 1940's, did Ken O'Brien do any illustrations of the Seven Dwarfs?

  5. thank you for keeping your blog updated, this is such a goldmine!

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