Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Liu Jiyou Zodiac Signs 1981

Toward the end of his life Liu Jiyou painted these small size images of the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs. What a beautiful collage of different animals.

And as a bonus here are a couple of gorgeous illustrations of an eagle.


  1. These really are gorgeous. I especially like the tiger. It's amazing how effortlessly they convey the idea of each animal's behaviour.
    Thank you for sharing these with us, Andreas :)

    1. Fully agreed!

      The eagle illustrations are remarkable. I know I am looking at a watercolour, but many of the brushstrokes (especially those around the eyes and beak) bristle with a crispness and accuracy that brings to mind the immediacy dry media!

  2. delicacy and boldness in the same image..these are great....thanks for sharing.

  3. love the balance of loose and sharp strokes