Sunday, October 18, 2020

Ollie Johnston in his own Words

I am going to post a few comments by Walt Disney artists that were originally published in an issue of Storyboard Magazine from 1993. The topic is mostly about their relationship with Walt.

At the time these essays were submitted to the magazine by the artists, and as far as I know are unedited.

Ollie drew these charming sketches at his home in Flintridge around 1963.

Drawings: Howard Lowery Auctions


  1. Fascinating first person memories with hints of the great dictator! Thanks Andreas

  2. I could've used this article when I was writing my university dissertation... Still, very interesting to read Ollie's words. And to see his lovely sketches.

  3. Can you show a pencil test of Roger Rabbit?

    1. Sorry, I don't have any. I believe there are some pencil tests on the Roger Rabbit Bluray, in the bonus section.

    2. Well...What pencil tests you have. Don’t you post them on YouTube?

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